Autumn / Winter Trend Predictions

It’s never too early to start talking about trends for next season. 

Over the past few years, we’ve seen western styles, neon and 70s colourways take over the runway and find their way onto our high street. 

But what should we be on the hunt for later this year?

Here’s a breakdown of all the key trends featured in fashion shows from New York to Milan.  


It’s all about illusion 

Black mesh header

Sheer fabrics are the epitome of sex appeal. The barely-there effect creates an illusion to die for and leaves people wanting more. 

No, we’re not talking about #freethenipple. We’re talking about barely-there silhouettes and lots of mesh to create a look worthy of a double-take. 

Adding layers of mesh underneath basic tops can give a youthful zest to your outfit, all while adding an air of mystery. 

This is a super easy trend to follow as you can slip it into your wardrobe seamlessly. Pair a mesh skirt with an oversized tee for a low-maintenance vibe, or wear a cropped mesh top with a pair of leather trousers for an effortless, groupie-style look.

Another way to create an illusion in womenswear is by adding structured elements to a simple fit. If you’ve ever seen Pretty Woman, you’ll know exactly what we mean if we mention Julia Roberts’ final look. A simple jean, white t-shirt and oversized blazer combination is one worth writing about. 

Don’t be afraid to play about with it either. 

Shoulder pads aren’t going anywhere, so make a statement by adding them to your collection. Rick Owens features a shoulder heavy frame in a nylon fabric to take casual styling to the runway. Using such strong shapes can create illusions of a much more rigid frame. 


Y2K is back baby!

Beaded necklaces

The early 2000s were filled with glitter, beaded jewellery and fashion that made a statement. While not all the trends have made their way into 2022 (hi skirts over jeans), there is still a handful that are not only super chic but also simple enough to be worn separately when the hype has died down. 

It all started with accessories. Mini sunglasses, chunky rings and chokers. These simple additions influenced clothing brands to bring back belly chains, strapless mini dresses and you guessed it…the chunky sandal. 

Wear small elements separately or combine them all for the ultimate Lizzie McGuire inspired look. 

Mix two trends by partnering mesh skirts with baby tee’s on your holiday this year (or wear underneath a bomber jacket for a UK summer). 

Y2K is probably one of the trends you can have the most fun with. 

Make your own beaded bracelets and necklaces (if your childhood crush was Chad Michael-Murray or Charlie from Busted, you’ll probably already have a bead box in your loft), add a baguette bag to your night-out look or use a crotchet top as a beach cover-up. 

These simple additions give you the chance to have fun with your looks, without having to go on the hunt for a whole new wardrobe. 


Embrace your body 

Body positivity


What a lovely trend for this Autumn/Winter! 

This one is all about showing off the best parts of you, by using defined shapes and structures. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this one. Remember shoulder pads in blazers and skater skirts in 2013? All simple and affordable ways of creating interesting silhouettes inspired by the 80s businesswoman. 

The corset is also back and it’s here to stay. From built-in structures to something more statement, the modern take on the 1500s corset is now featured online and in-store up and down the country. We’ve seen corsets knocking about for the past year or so in mainstream fashion, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be put on the sale rack anytime soon.   

Pair with wide-leg jeans and a chunky trainer for a 21st Century twist. Or layer over the top of a t-shirt to style your corset for daytime. 

When it comes to strong shapes in trends, it’s all about doing what you feel comfortable with. Don’t think you have to wear the shortest and tightest thing available if that’s not your vibe; focus on styles that you feel most comfortable and confident in. 

If corsets haven’t found a place in your wardrobe, use clothes and accessories to accentuate your favourite bits. Try high waisted jeans to boost your peach, or low cut tops to show off the twins. 

Back to basics 


Denim jeans

Basic doesn’t mean boring. 

Having low-maintenance pieces ready for you is the perfect way to create a capsule wardrobe you’ll use for years. 

Focus on muted colour palettes and simple cuts to achieve that off-duty model look in a matter of minutes. 

It’s handy to try on a few different styles when it comes to more simplistic designs. 

Do you like a v-neck t-shirt? Or is a crew neck more your style? 

What about jeans? Do you go straight leg, wide fit or embrace the flares?

Tank tops are highly featured on not just the runway but in your favourite shops too. With multiple styles available, they’re the ultimate way of injecting colour into your outfits. 

Keep it minimal or opt for a one-shoulder or tie-back design to add interest. 

If you’re an accessory fiend or don’t like to clash, stripped back outfits are the one for you. They give you the chance to experiment with colour and different patterns without having to worry about an incompatible final look. 

Tailoring is all the rage again and we couldn’t be happier!  

Playing around with more masculine shapes is a popular trend in the celeb world and springs up in fashion weeks regularly. Take a look at Zendaya and Cate Blanchett - both of different ages and styles, but still, know how to rock a suit to any occasion. 


More, more more!

Velvet header

Mixing lots of textures and styles is a great way to express yourself and build an unforgettable outfit. 

But how do you do it?

First of all, be confident. It doesn’t have to be scary and can be achieved with the pieces you already own.

Take a look at Givenchy’s all-black runway look at Paris fashion week. Although it only features one colour, it sparks interest by using bold shapes and a range of textures to create a look to die for. 

What about Kourtney Kardashian? She mixes leather with soft cotton t-shirts and bold heels for a strong, punk-inspired look that broke the internet. Although it’s quite a simple outfit, the variety of prints and materials coin a unique style that is now copied by everyone everywhere. 

If you’re not sure where to start, wear something silk, velvet or leather with a piece you’re already comfortable wearing. 

Try a velvet bodysuit on with your go-to denim skirt, or a leather blazer with a t-shirt dress. This just gets you used to the new texture, and then you can start experimenting. 

It’s not just clothes either. Add a bold colour to your outfit with a bag, pair of shoes or hair accessory - and include on-trend shades for a nod to the runway without straying too far out of your comfort zone. 


Don’t be afraid to clash

Leopard print header


It’s all about experimenting when it comes to fashion. So give yourself enough time to try things on before you head out, to really play about (or just dance about in your bedroom experimenting - we all do it). 

A good way to start with clashes is by colour blocking. Mix a few different shades of the same colour or mix colours in the same palette (warm or cool) to get used to the contrast. 

From here, you can start incorporating a few different prints, textures and colours for your Autumn/Winter go-to look. 

Bomber jackets are everywhere this year and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi proves you can mismatch bold patterns to build an impactful outfit unique to you. This is a great example of combining a similar print (in this case it would be oriental) in different colours to make a statement.


How to add trend pieces into your wardrobe without breaking the bank

The first thing to remember with fashion trends is that you don’t need to follow them all. Simply take bits and pieces you like from each and incorporate them into your current wardrobe. 

Fashion trends are often recycled throughout the years. Look at the things we’ve just mentioned! We guarantee you’ll have a past trend piece hung up in your wardrobe already - make sure you go through what you already own before racing to the shops. 

If you don’t want to commit to full looks, give a subtle nod to trends by adding accessories and featured colours to your day-to-day looks. 


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