C’mon Barbie, let’s go party…

If ever there was a time to appreciate pink, this is it.

After months of anticipation, Barbie fever has officially hit, bringing with it an explosion of bold, bright colours and mass appreciation for our personal fave – pink!

Celebrating all things fun and feminine, the release of the new feature-length Barbie movie has unashamedly whipped up a fashion world frenzy. Hot pink, bubblegum, blush, baby shades - it doesn’t matter. Just don some pink and come join the party!


How to channel your inner Barbicore

Barbicore has become a global fashion phenomenon and is a look defined by so much more than a plastic retro doll, blonde hair and a splash of glitter.

Okay, so there’s no denying the trend embodies pink - Barbie glam is defined head-to-toe by the shade (roller boots are optional!), but the Barbie brand has channelled a huge amount of energy into becoming more inclusive and embracing diversity. Meaning that these days anything goes.

Soft pastel shades, neon brights, sparkling metallics, the ‘core’ centres around all things pink but is driven by bubbly positivity and a celebration of everything it means to be a woman.

So, if pink secretly isn’t your thing, don’t panic. Even Barbie’s mum (aka American businesswoman, Ruth Handler, who created the doll back in 1959) believed, ‘Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices’. And what could be more fun than deciding what to wear?!

As long as it’s colourful and makes you feel good, then relax - you’re nailing it.


Ways to wear pink

For those who are super excited to wear pink, you’ll be chuffed to hear that there’s no such thing as too much.

Layer up with different shades, go all out matchy-matchy, or just pick one element to pop. The key is to personalise this trend and wear your shade your way.  

Worried you’ll get it wrong and it won’t just be your blouse that’s blushing?! Then dial it down a notch by choosing a more muted or pastel shade.

Pairing pink with neutral colours can also help to tone things down. Choose one statement piece - a skirt, blazer, shorts etc – and team it with white, khaki or navy for more subtle Barbie-esque vibes. 

Pink accessories are also a great way to nod to the trend whilst keeping things understated. Try introducing the colour with your shoes, bag, jewellery or even your sunglasses. And if you’re a fan of getting your nails done then why not experiment with pink polish too?


Share your Barbie world

#barbicore, #barbie, #barbiestyle, and #barbiegirl are just some of the hashtags taking the social world by storm. And it’s clear that whatever your opinion on pink there’s no denying Barbie is set to leave an indelible rosy glow mark on fashion history.

So why not be a part of it? Shop our pink edit and share your Barbie-inspired looks with us on Facebook and Instagram.  You’ll find everything from stunning party dresses to cute shorts and playsuits - you can even plan ahead for the autumn chill with pink cardis and sweaters. 

The only thing we don’t have are any outfits for Ken. Sorry boys, you’ll have to get your pink fix somewhere else!