Dressing Up Loungewear

Who else is left with piles of loungewear from the WFH days?

Or are you still in the home office and can’t part ways with your comfiest items?

Joggers, hoodies, cosy oversized t-shirts. What do we do with them now we’re allowed out into the wild?

Wear them, of course! 

Loungewear has become part of everyone's day-to-day wardrobe, but it can be hard to make it look chic when you have to venture outside. 

We’re here to help you take your comfies from drab to fab.  


It’s all in the accessories 

Head-to-toe trackies are a lot cooler now than they were in the early 2000s. There are more shapes, styles, and colours available than ever. 

That said, it can still be a struggle to amp up your outfit when it's somewhat shapeless. 

To make it look that bit fancier, make sure you utilise accessories - especially your jewellery box. 

Pairing a sweatshirt and sweatpants with a 90s style leather bag creates a well-thought-out look (when in reality you probably don’t even have a bra on). Or you could simply throw on a huge pair of sunglasses to look like a celeb at an airport. Ultimate chic-ness!

This is the perfect combo for casual brunches and shopping trips. 

Let’s not forget about jewellery. 

Adding classic hoop earrings or a chunky necklace can really elevate your look and transform it into something much more appropriate for outside the house. Simple touches like this make your look seem much more put together, all while maintaining optimum comfort levels. 


Pair with contrasting outerwear

You may not think that a trench coat goes with a hoodie, but it absolutely does! 

Mixing up styles creates that off-duty model look we all love. It doesn’t just make it high fashion, it also hides the spillages you’ve collected during a lazy Sunday. 

If you’re having a chilled day, but a change in plans means you need to dash out, adding a smarter coat or jacket on top of your loungewear set can not only keep you warm, but also pulls every element together. 




The AX Paris Aviator Jacket we stock here at She Selected can be paired with any sweatshirt and sweatpants set to add an extra layer and a whole lot of style. 

What about heels and loungewear? Surely not. 

We don’t want to look too Cher Lloyd circa 2010 (or maybe you do - you do you), so perhaps steer away from the stiletto and cuffed jogger combo. 

Instead, team up fitted flared leggings with something that gives you a bit of height, for a meeting-worthy look you can lounge around in later. 


What styles do you have in your collection?

It’s all about shapes and styles when it comes to dressing up loungewear pieces. 

Joggers aren’t just grey cuffed pants that make your bum look flat anymore. Wide-leg, high-waisted, and flared tracksuit bottoms or leggings feature in every loungewear collection these days. 

By pairing something a bit more form-fitting with an oversized item, you can show off your best bits while still being comfortable. 

Think flared leggings and an oversized tee, or a wide-leg jogger and a cropped tank top. 

The Zibi London Wendy Wide Leg Trouser is the ideal piece to style up or down, depending on your mood or the occasion. While you’re having a look, check out the rest of our loungewear collection.  




Again, this contrast can really enhance the humble tracksuit and transform it into something much more glamorous. 



Keep it minimal 

If you’re a bit sceptical of dressing up loungewear, start with something simple. 

Going monochrome in a matching set can create a put-together look without too much thought or stress in the morning. 

Style with your favourite chunky trainers and sport socks for a modern-day spin on the classic ensemble. 

Whether it’s all in black or your favourite bright colours, matching sets are always going to look that little bit more stylish.  

By incorporating classic shapes and styles into your loungewear looks, you don’t have to worry about straying too far from your comfort zone. 

Tank tops, vests, singlets - whatever you want to call them - are all simple and affordable pieces that you can pair with joggers and cycling shorts for a stylish go-to look. 

Our Sisterhood Adrianna Knit is a versatile piece you can wear all year round with any pair of jeans, tracksuits, or flared trousers.   



Think about your shoes 

Sadly, it’s time to ditch the slippers. 

But what do you switch them out for?

If you’re going for cycling shorts and t-shirt combo, a chunky black biker boot makes you look that bit edgier, especially if you add a leather jacket and statement necklace. 

Even if your sets are looking a bit worse for wear, having clean trainers can really boost an outfit in a quick and easy way.



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