Flying in style: On-trend fits for travelling in 2023

Already have your holidays planned for this year?

Or do you love a spontaneous, last-minute booking?

Whatever you have planned, it’s time to start thinking about travel outfits. Do you like to make an impact or do you stay loyal to the hoodie and leggings combo?

If you’re struggling for inspo on what to wear to the airport this year, here are our top tips to make sure you fly in style in 2023. 


Comfort is key 

Can you think of anything worse than travelling in jeans?

We didn’t think so.    

But what do you wear for a day of travelling?

Being comfortable doesn’t just mean wearing your pj’s (sadly). There are tonnes of chic options that look good, without digging in. 

Flared leggings should be in everyone’s wardrobe. While they’re practically loungewear, the subtle flare at the ankle elevates the previously simple design, making it look like you put more effort in than you actually did. 

Pair with an oversized hoodie or t-shirt and your favourite pair of trainers and you’re good to go. 


Embrace the layers 

Layering is essential when you’re jetting off on holiday. 

Going from a rainy UK to a sunny island means you need to be prepared for all temperatures - and don't forget about the in-flight aircon.

A racer vest under an oversized tee and a hoodie on hand in case you need an extra layer (or a pillow on the plane) make up the holy trinity when it comes to travel styling. 

If you have room in your carry-on bag, consider taking a change of clothes for when you get there so you can start exploring straight away. 


Wear your heaviest items

To free up some kilos in your luggage, wear your heaviest items on the way there. 

Whether it’s a denim jacket or your chunkiest trainers, travel in these if you can so you have more room for beach day outfits in your case.        


Think about footwear 

Travelling comes with a lot of walking. 

Whether it’s walking to your terminal or browsing duty-free, it’s vital you have a comfy pair of shoes to take you from A to B. 

Trainers are the go-to when it comes to airport styling, but if you have a favourite pair of ballet pumps or loafers, get them ready for your journey to the airport. 

What we don’t recommend is wearing brand-new shoes. But if you are braving a fresh pair, have plasters and socks on hand in case of unwanted blisters. 


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