How to re-wear your Christmas outfits

Don’t panic. We’re not suggesting you put your garish Christmas jumper on for lunch dates in the spring. But we are going to suggest a few ways to style your Christmas looks for the rest of the year.
Christmas is the season of sparkly tops, funky tights and dressing over the top every chance you get. But many people often wear the outfit just once, which is extremely wasteful and more expensive in the long run. 
Follow these simple steps to get the most out of your festive faves. 
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Ditch the heels

Swapping out the stilettos for trainers is a quick and easy way to make your Christmas outfits a lot more wearable for the daytime. 
You could even grunge it up with chunky black boots and a leather jacket. 
Knitwear is your best friend
If you have a midi dress you love but can’t wear regularly because it’s a bit too party for the rest of the year, add a jumper! 
It’s simple, chic and impactful, without requiring too much effort. 
8.00PM Sweater from Charli
The 8.00PM Sweater from Charli is perfect for this. The flattering cut and neutral tone makes it a wardrobe staple, that can be worn with everything from wide-leg jeans to figure-hugging midi dresses. 
If it’s a classic black dress, layering it with knitwear can completely change the outfit, making it something you can dress up for drinks, or play down for the office. We’re loving the ballet-inspired trend of wearing a shrug over simple tops and dresses for added texture. Pair with your favourite strappy black dress and trainers to hop on the TikTok trend. 

Just a hint of sparkle

We’re not saying to ditch the glitter. Just be mindful of how you use it. 
Having subtle hints when you have a special birthday, anniversary meal, or even a supermarket trip (we don’t judge), brings back the festivities in a subtle, yet modern way. 
To embrace the Princess Diana athleisure look, pair a shimmery, high-neck jersey top with a sweatshirt for extra warmth in the winter. 
Sequin skirts were everywhere last season, and we were big fans! For a little flash of sparkle, wear it with an oversized tee for an ‘I’m with the band’ inspired look. 

Embrace the accessories

If you kept it simple this year and played up your Christmas outfits with earrings, bags and belts, these are great things to keep on hand in the case of a last-minute night out. 
Wear with dark colours to make a contrasting statement or pair with muted tones for something more understated.
Remember those diamante tights you bought for a Christmas night out? Pair with the Slim Slit Dress from Only for a flash of a twinkle when your legs catch the light. 
Slim Slit Dress From Only - She Selected

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