How To Refresh Your Basics

No one wants to look…well…basic.
…Or boring for that matter.
Yet solid styling is built on a collection of reliable classics.
Get these right and the rest of your wardrobe will pull together effortlessly. Get them wrong, and your wardrobe has fashion failure written all over it.
Think it might be time to hit refresh on your wardrobe staples? 
Here the team at She Selected share everything you need to know about getting the basics right.

The basic hit list

We might call them ‘the basics’ but these staples form the backbone of your wardrobe and their importance shouldn’t be underestimated.
Let’s take a look at some of the key items you need.

Go-to jeans

Mom jeans are the jeans of the moment, replacing the look of straight and skinny legs. But while cuts may change, a classic pair of jeans will always be in style. So whatever shape you go for, they are a ‘basic’ must-have.

A blazer

Dress up your denim or add a layer to your midi - whether you wear it for work, play (or both!), a blazer is a wardrobe classic. Buy in a colour that compliments the shades you’re naturally drawn to, and you’ll be able to throw it on over practically any outfit for effortlessly chic styling.

 Classic white blouse

Nothing screams wardrobe essential quite like a crisp white shirt. Wear it multiple ways – big and baggy, cinched in with a belt, tucked into a skirt, or even open over a vest top or bikini. A staple that works for the beach and the boardroom – now there’s savvy shopping!

The anywhere dress

Easy to chuck on as you run out of the door, a dress that can take you anywhere and everywhere is a wardrobe must. Opt for a style that’s comfy, easy to wear and doesn’t flaunt too much flesh – maxis are great for this. Simply switch your footwear – flat sandals for work, trainers for a day shopping, or heels for evening – turn up the volume of your makeup accordingly and you’re good to go.   

 Essential tees

Bag a few low-cost tees in a selection of colours to pad out your basics. Wear with skirts, tucked into your jeans or ooze laidback vibes when worn with your loungewear. T-shirts need a home in everyone’s wardrobe.

 Trusty trainers

Out for a run, hitting the shops, heading to a club - this footwear fav is no longer reserved for the gym, and having a classic pair of trainers is a wardrobe basic you can’t afford to overlook.
We’d keep things simple by opting for a muted colour – white, cream, pink etc. As not only does this keep your trainers in vogue for longer, but it also makes it easier to pair them with outfits if you’re not a fan of mismatch.

How to stay relevant

The key to successful basics is understanding that the core items on the hit list don’t really change – we’ll always be shopping for decent jeans, a classic tee and a great pair of shoes.
What does change though, is the finer detail. We’re talking specifics such as shaping, fabrics, and colour.
But who can afford to keep rebuying their basics every time an influencer changes their mind about what’s hot and what’s not?!
Relax. You don’t need to! You just have to be a little savvier with your spending.
Here’s how…


Neutrals are your friend when it comes to getting the basics right. Not only will this help you save money (white never goes out of fashion) but they’re easy shades to pair with the ‘it’ colour of the moment.
This season, everyone’s getting hot under the collar for pink and something as simple as a chunky pink bracelet or hot pink belt is enough to make your outfit pop with seasonal perfection. But when pink becomes passé, your basics won’t.
Clever ‘huh?!  

You do you

Our best advice? Don’t be a slave to fashion (we know, we know - pot, kettle and all that, but hear us out!).
We’re all different shapes and sizes – what looks great on your bestie might make you want to hide from every mirror. The best way to nail basics is to make them unique to you.  So, yes, invest in jeans but go for a style that suits you rather than the cut of the moment.
Stick to this rule for all your essentials, and you can be confident your wardrobe will deliver, and you won’t be left needing to fork out for new items every season.    

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