How to revamp your wardrobe for 2023

Are you over New Year’s resolutions, rain, being broke, and pretty much everything in your wardrobe?  

Feel like you need a style overhaul, but worried payday is a long way off?

Don’t stress.

Sometimes all you need is a little ‘reset’ to get you out of a fashion rut and back to feeling your fabulous self - and the answer lies in a good old-fashioned sort out!

Want to feel revamped for 2023 without forking out for a full new wardrobe?

Here’s how…


1.     Take everything out

‘Oh, I forgot I had that’.

We’ve all been there. Even the smallest of closets can turn into Narnia with items easily slipping out of sight and out of mind. So, the first place to start with a wardrobe overhaul is to empty the contents out.

And we mean everything – no cheating or half-measures! Spread all your clothes out over the bed, floor, chairs, wherever there’s space, so you can see exactly what you’ve got.

Not only could this reunite you with long-lost loves, but it will help you to evaluate exactly what you own and what you need. 


2.     Organise

The trick now is to organise. (Don’t yawn – it’s important, and we promise you’ll thank us later!)

There are a few ways you can do this. Group by type – dresses, skirts, tops, trousers…you get the idea. Or by colour. There are advantages to both, just do whatever works best for you.

Doing this will help you to pull different outfits together and to spot where your wardrobe might be lacking. No skirts? Short on jumpers? Nothing in lavender, 2023’s first colour crush of the year?!

An organised wardrobe is a happy wardrobe.


3.     Try things on

Forgotten how much you love that shirt?

Sometimes you really need to try things on to remind yourself what it was you loved about it and why you should still be wearing it.  

If it looked good once, chances are it can make you look and feel good again. Experiment with accessories, or switch your footwear, to update the look.  


4.     Create space

If there are things you’re 100% sure you won’t wear again, that no longer fit, or are past their prime - get rid! Otherwise, they’ll just clog up your wardrobe and you won’t be able to see the wood for the trees.

If space is still a problem after this, there are other ways to create more room.

Firstly, you could switch out the seasons. Bag up your winter or summer clothes and put them out of the way - in the loft, under the bed or tucked into the spare room - until the weather changes and then swap over.

If that’s not an option – or doesn’t free up enough space – try changing the way you fold.

Think it won’t make a difference? It does!! Marie Kondo’s famous technique for folding clothes has revolutionised wardrobes across the globe. Her signature methods prevent creases, save space, and allow you to see every item clearly – what’s not to love?!



5.     Establish different looks

While everything’s out, spend some time focusing on specific outfits. Think date night, work, lounging, shopping with friends etc. Mix things up, trying on items you previously wouldn’t have put together.

Experimenting in this way can help you to pick out new combinations, giving items in your wardrobe a fresh look and feel – without having to splash the cash. 


6.     Work out what’s missing

Taking time out to sort your wardrobe, will help you to spot the gaps and identify problem areas.

Are you missing a great pair of jeans? Would a few new tops help to pull things together? Do your everyday essentials look tired?

By properly assessing the contents, you can pinpoint areas that need attention and avoid buying clothes you don’t really need.


7.     Upcycle

If you don’t wear it, change it!

Dye, cut, embellish…unleash your creative side…what’s the worst that could happen? You’re not wearing it anyway and the end result could be a truly unique fashion statement that’s the envy of all your friends.


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