Is Workwear Back? How To Dress For Success

Heading back into the office? Nothing to wear?

If you’ve been WFH, the idea of changing out of your pjs and getting back to the real world can be a tad scary (is ‘office dress’ even a thing anymore?!)

But there’s no need to panic. 

The fashion-savvy team at She Selected have done the hard work for you. Detailing everything you need to take your style from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Read on to discover how to bag the perfect 9-5 wardrobe…and maybe even that promotion!


Why invest in a work wardrobe?

They say ‘dress for success’ but what does that even mean in 2022? Are trainers and hoodies acceptable office wear?

Honestly?? They could be. The office dress code has finally modernised and is now waaaay more flexible than it used to be.

I mean, please don’t get sacked on our account - it does totally depend on what you do and the company vibe - but these days the rules are nowhere near as hard and fast as they used to be. The corporate world has recognised we don’t have to be decked out in sharp suits and killer heels to be professional and good at our job. And a little more fashion freedom is a great way to express individuality.

That said, there’s still much to be gained from separating work from pleasure. Which is why many people love a ‘work’ wardrobe.

Just some of the benefits include:

Less stress

Big meeting? New client to impress? Whatever your day has in store, face it with confidence. Banish the stress of what to wear, with clear office options you’ve already tried and tested.

More time

Five more minutes in bed? Yes, please!!

If you’re used to commuting to the kitchen table, needing to now factor in rush-hour traffic, hair and makeup, will require military precision if you’re going to make it out of the door on time. So the last thing you need is to waste time debating what to wear.

With a designated work wardrobe you can focus your choices, with ready-made outfits to pull out and throw on. Easy. You might even have time to grab a coffee - or a least hit the snooze button.

Save money

How often do you look at your clothes and decide you’ve got nothing to wear?

Avoid the expense of a complete overhaul by dedicating time to go through your wardrobe properly. Assess what you already own and identify outfits - which elements work together, and which don’t? Do this, and you can invest in key, on-trend pieces to update with each season - rather than declaring the whole wardrobe a disaster zone and reaching for the charity bag.

Work it right and you’ll also be able to pull out items to mix and match between work and play. Think boyfriend blazer teamed with skinny jeans and pumps, perfect for a weekend catch up with the girls.

Switch off

Dressing for the office can help your mind shift into work mode. And it runs both ways. Slip into something comfy once you’re home and it can help you to switch off and recognise that it’s time to chill. Check out our super comfy loungewear, perfect for this.


Work wardrobe essentials

Ok, so you know you need a work wardrobe, but the big question is - what should be in it?!

The seasons ‘must-haves’ include:

  • Blazers – if you don’t already have an oversized blazer, you need one! Boyfriend blazers are where it’s at and they’re great for adding a little more power to your office go-tos.

 Boyfriend Blazer

We love Goldie London’s oversized blazer in black, but if you’re not feeling it for the over-size trend, try ONLY’S more streamlined ¾ sleeve look instead.


  • Shirts – classic styling at its best. A simple shirt is a workwear staple. Wear baggy with trousers or tucked into a neat pencil skirt.


  • Midi dresses – floating florals, sharp cut shirt dresses or figure-hugging bodycons, the mid-calf length of the midi makes it fun and feminine for corporate dress without getting too riskay and distracting your co-workers (unless that’s the plan, of course!).


  • Wide leg trousers – cigarette pants still feature in this year’s workwear but so too do wide-leg trousers. With a little more room to stretch and breathe, they take style and comfort to the max.


  • Lightweight knits – sat next to a workmate who always wants the window open? Got used to controlling your own thermostat at home? Transition back to the office - and through the seasons - with easy-wear knits. We’re talking cute cardies and lightweight jumpers which can be layered up over dresses and shirts, creating different looks and keeping you cosy.  


Green Trousers 

Don’t forget footwear

Not sure trainers will quite cut it for your workplace? How about a pair of penny loafers? Smart, fashionable…and flat. Amen, to that!


Be the boss of your style

Whether you’re set to continue at home, heading back in or doing a mix of both, you’ll find everything you need, at She Selected.

Shop comfy casuals in the WFH edit or revamp your office look with head turning workwear and get set for success.