Make your wardrobe a sustainable one by shopping your stash

It’s been reported that we Brits create over 700,000 tonnes of clothing waste each year, which is only increased by the popularity of fast fashion and the ‘outfit-repeater’ stigma. 
She Selected is here to stop this!
When it comes to sustainability in fashion, most people think they need to go out and buy high-quality pieces with hefty price tags, but this isn’t always the case. 
A sustainable wardrobe is all about making the most out of what you already own. 
But how do you do that?
Today, we’ll be talking all about shopping your stash, which won’t only save you money but makes sure you’re doing your bit for the planet too.
Have a try on session 
We’re all guilty of buying things and chucking them into our drawers without thinking about what we already have. 
A good way to shop your wardrobe is by setting some time aside to try everything on. 
Who knows? You might even find your 2022 staple. 
This is also the ideal time to get creative. Mix up your usual combinations to build an outfit worth talking about. 
Knowing what you have, what fits you and, most importantly, what you like, means you can reduce your wardrobe to one that’s filled with staple pieces you love and wear regularly.
Anything you want to get rid of can be sold, taken to charity shops or given to friends who have had their eye on them since you bought them (we all have one). 
Revamp with accessories
Bags, shoes and jewellery are all easy ways to give your outfits a new lease of life, without having to spend a fortune.
Using a belt can cinch in your waist and take your favourite dress from day to night.
Explore new and unique colourways to really transform your look into something modern and on-trend. If you have a new favourite colour, try and incorporate it into your existing pieces for a whole new look.
What about a chunky necklace and statement earrings? They may sound like simple touches but they can instantly change up the vibe and make it perfect for your current taste. 
It also means you can spend the cash you would have spent on your new outfit on cocktails instead. 
What’s not to love?
Be mindful when you shop 
If you’ve followed all of our tips and still struggling for inspiration, it might be time to hit the rails. 
However, before getting excited about new trends and funky patterns, think about what you really need. 
Take inspiration from bloggers, your fashion muses and your mates for your new staple pieces. 
Shopping for timeless silhouettes and simplistic designs means you’ll love them for years to come, and reach for them whatever the occasion. 
Spending a little bit more (when and where you can of course) on higher-quality pieces means they’ll last a lot longer compared to bits from cheaper, fast fashion brands.
She Selected is committed to reducing fashion waste, which is why we only stock five-star clothing that is guaranteed to look as good as new, wear after wear. 
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We have a wide range of clothing options for any and every occasion, we’re confident you’ll find your new staple dress, bodysuit and pair of jeans with She Selected. 
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Ready to turn your wardrobe into a sustainable one?
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