Making Past Trends Trendy Again

Have you ever come down the stairs in a new dress, jumpsuit, or skirt, and your mum says she used to wear that in the 80s? #
The majority of trends are recycled over the years, so the same styles always seem to find their way back onto the high street.
Think about flares, brown tones, and sheer blouses. All of these things were popular in the 70s and have made their way back into clothing stores in recent years.
However, these vintage styles now have a modern twist to bring them into the 21st century.
With a few simple changes and additional accessories, you’ll be ready to make past trends fashionable again.

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Get inspired

Before putting an outfit together, it’s a good idea to do some research. 
Take a look at some past trends to see what floats your boat. 
Are you a fan of the Y2K look? Or do you prefer bias-cut skirts and cropped tops? Maybe even a platform sandal?
The best way to find out what you’re into is by looking at your fave celebs, your friends, and characters in films set in a decade you’re inspired by. 
Doing this gives you a better understanding of the trends that will suit you and fit seamlessly into your current wardrobe. 


Combine with your fave pieces

Key trends throughout the decades are easy to combine with your timeless wardrobe basics. 
Start off with your favourite daytime outfit and enhance it with accessories, switching up styles to put a spin on a past trend and make it more you. 
In the 70s it was all about the flared trouser - and they’re back! 
Now in a slightly more wearable design, flared jeans and leggings are the ultimate past trend to bring back into modern-day dressing. For day-to-day styling, wear with a simple tee and trainers. 
The best part about flared trousers is how versatile they are. We love pairing them with the Storm Label Cream Bamboo Top or the Storm Label Black Cross Over Top for evening looks - a great go-to outfit for everything from birthday meals to club nights out.







One step at a time

Add pieces item by item. 
Maybe wear a pair of platform heels, a western-style belt, or a chunky ring with your usual daily looks. 
This will give you a better insight into what you feel comfortable in and what you like. 
The 60s were all about peace, love, and rock and roll - with music and cultural movements having a major impact on fashion. The era was famous for eccentric accessories used to show off your personality and enhance more simplistic outfits.
One particular accessory that has found its way into the 21st century is chain and beaded belts. They’re not only used to create shape around the waist, but they’re a great way to put your own twist on an outfit that’s lacking a final touch. 
Chain belts are a great option if you’re going on holiday this year and want something to jazz up your beach day fit. They also go perfectly with slip dresses and jumpsuits, for an extra splash of something special, while giving a nod to the 60s style. 


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Our range includes structured silhouettes, bold patterns, and psychedelic prints for the ultimate fashion throwback. 

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