Most Stylish Instagrammers to Follow

Instagram is the home of trendy people posing in doorways, showing off their new clothing pieces. 
Whether it’s part of a #ad or a candid shot, it’s a great tool to get outfit inspiration and an insight as to what’s hot this season. 
Today we’ll be talking through our top 5 Instagrammers that inspire the She Selected team. 
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Matilda Djerf 

It would be rude not to mention the creator of side bangs and linen suits. 
Starting out as an influencer, Matilda Djerf used her unique style to draw in dedicated fans, leading to the creation of her brand Djerf Avenue. 
She dresses in timeless shapes and tones to put together classic outfits that be worn day or night. 

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Dressing like Matilda is all about simple designs that flatter in a way that’s unique to you. 
Although floaty silk and linen are favoured, the Djerf franchise assisted the rise of the tank top. Tuck into your favourite jeans and pair them with a classic shoulder bag. 
We’re loving the Adrianna Knit from Sisterhood. The subtle peach shade works perfectly with light-wash denim or linen trousers, and can be dressed up or down with ease. 
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Stephanie Yeboah

Content creator, avid traveller and book lover Stephanie personifies youth and life through her bright clothes. 
Her frequent use of texture and combination of different styles gives us look after look on her Instagram page. 
Not only does she share her favourite beauty products and fashion brands, she’s also a body image advocate, who never cuts corners when it comes to inspiring her thousands of fans. 
If you’re looking for a new influencer to follow who embodies positivity, be sure to give Stephanie Yeboah a follow. 
Stephanie Yeboah

Megan Ellaby 

If you already follow Megan Ellaby, you’ll know what we mean when we say her style breaks fashion boundaries daily. 
She combines tomboy charm with elegant beauty to create outfits you won’t find on anyone else. 
Megan Ellaby
Megan’s eye for print clashing should be shouted about from the rooftops. Her ability to mix gingham with tiger stripes, and leopard print with houndstooth, inspires us all daily to be brave with our fashion choices. 

Sonny Turner 

With the online world being so accessible, it can often be used and abused. This is why it’s important to follow influencers and accounts that spread the love. 
Sonny Turner is a model first of all, but she utilises her platform to send a positive message to remind us all that cellulite is normal and angles are everything. 
Sonny Turner
She shares her daily gym outfits and her night-out looks that usually include string shapes and bright colours - the perfect combination. 

Hana Hong 

Similar to Megan Ellaby, Hana Hong loves a bright colour clash, no matter the season. 
If you love a loud colour palette and want some inspiration, Hana is the girl to go to. 
Hana Hong
Living in Melbourne, her Instagram is always spring/summer appropriate. So, if autumnal tones aren’t your thing, Hana’s pictures are one to add to the mood board. 

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Although Hana Hong’s style is unique, there’s nothing stopping you from recreating her looks. 
We see a lot of green and lilac, and orange and pink on Hana’s page - clearly some of her favourite colour combinations. 
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Take a look at the new colour block blazer dress from Lavish Alice. The subtle contrast in colours is loud enough to make a statement but subtle enough for those of you who prefer more muted tones. This strong shape is perfect for occasion dressing and means you don’t need a jacket when it starts to get colder. 
Don’t worry if you’re not a colour wearer usually. Choose styles you’re comfortable with but in a brighter colour and go from there! If you’re on the fence about combining bright colours straight away, start with accessories for subtle hints and work your way up to a full-colour look. 

Sophie Floyd 

If you’re a lover of all things grunge, you’ll want to check out Sophie Floyd on Insta! 
She is the blueprint for the cool-girl aesthetic and uses her clothes to highlight her collection of tattoos. Not only is she a fashion inspiration, but she also spends time creating makeup tutorials on her youtube channel, which are both easy to follow and affordable to recreate. 
Although neutral, Sophie styles her basics in a way that catches the eye. Enhancing her looks with simple touches takes her outfits to the next level every time.
Sophie Floyd

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There you have it…our top 5 Instagrammers of the moment - mainly just some super cool chicks with funky outfits. 
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