The coats you need this autumn/winter

The toughest part of autumn/winter fashion? It’s not worrying about how your bangs will survive under a cute beanie, trying to pay for your commute coffee with gloves on, or even battling with tights. It’s finding the perfect coat.
Not only does your winter jacket need to look good, it needs to work (we know practicality is a yawn but hey, no one wants to be cold!).
A coat is the first impression – and finishing touch – of your outfit, and the number one item to get you through the freeze-fest ahead. Get this bit right and the rest of your autumn/winter wardrobe will be a breeze.
Not sure where to start? Check out our edit of the best autumn/winter coast for 2022.  
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What are the coats of AW22?

Quilted, herringbone, oversized and all things furry – teddy jackets, faux fur collars and cuffs (if it’s fluffy we’re all over it) – are big news on coat pegs this year. And if you’re trend-led then these are the looks to set your sights on.
Don’t forget though, the coat is a wardrobe staple and while there will always be ‘it’ coats competing for attention, there are faithful styles that reappear year after year. We’re talking about the likes of leather jackets and belted trench coats.
The popularity of the puffa is also set to continue into AW22. Oozing warmth, it’s guaranteed to add some swag to your look, but for a coat that does day, night, work and play, anything tailored or wool, is a safe bet.  

Best coat for staying warm

You know that feeling when you just don’t want to get out of bed on a chilly morning? When you’d give ANYTHING to stay snuggled up warm under your duvet? Well invest in a padded coat and you get to keep that feeling all day long!
A padded or down-filled coat will keep you toasty – check out the ONLY quilted hood fur coat to turn the heat up on winter coat styling.
Not keen on anything too thick? Try a wool coat instead - for warmth without the extra padding.
Or how about all that body heat but with the freedom to move your arms and not feel like a Michelin Man? Take a look at Y.A.S padded vest coat for the warmth of a thick longline coat but without the restriction of sleeves. Wear with your favourite hoody underneath for laidback-luxe styling and the best of both worlds.

Best coat for classic styling

Want a coat that never goes out of fashion? A top layer you can keep pulling out of your wardrobe year after year? In that case, it pays to stick to the classics - think tailored wool coat or leather jacket.
If you want your coat to be in it for the long haul, then don’t go crazy with colour or patterns either. Instead, opt for a plain, solid shade that is always in fashion. Black is great for this and needs no introduction as a classic colourway, but if dark colours aren’t really your thing, how about a lighter more natural look? Cosy caramels, oatmeal and camel are big this winter but they’re always in vogue, so make a great winter coat colour.

How much should a winter coat cost?

How long is a piece of string? Coats can carry any price tag, ranging from under £20 right through to eye-watering, salary stealing sums.
The thing to remember is that of all the items in your wardrobe, a coat is one of the most important. However much time and money you spend on the outfit underneath, it’s the coat everyone will see first – it’s also the item that’s going to get the most wear. So with that in mind, it’s worth spending a little more on one that works, looks the part, and will last.
That said, our advice would be to only shell out if you’re going for a classic coat. If you’re more of a slave to the season’s current trend, it’s a better idea to keep the cost down, giving you more freedom to switch up your look (and buy a new coat) if the current trend passes quicker than you thought.

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