What to wear on Christmas Day

We know it seems early to be talking about Christmas, but the big day is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your wardrobe as festive as can be. 
Not every Christmas is the same. 
Are you in a family that has a strict pyjama dress code?
Or do you like to go all out and celebrate the season in nothing but sequins?
If you’re struggling with your Christmas Day outfit and need some inspo, She Selected are here to help. 
 She Selected
Not leaving the house
Is the suggestion of wearing anything other than loungewear almost blasphemous in your house?
It’s understandable. 
With all of those selection boxes and festive cocktails, stretch is key. 
We won’t judge if you stay in your pj’s from the minute you wake up to check if Santa’s been, to the moment you fall asleep on the sofa with a mince pie on your lap. 
But, if you want something that feels a bit more dressy than your sleepwear, we have a wide selection of loungewear sets and comfies for you to rock on Christmas Day. 
We love Lakuna Loungewear set from Storm Label. The added lace detail gives a subtle edge, but you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable seams digging into your food baby. 
Lakuna Loungewear She Selected
A trip to the pub
Do you disappear while the turkey’s cooking to give the designated chef some time to chill, or are you one of the people eating their Christmas dinner in your favourite pub so you don’t have to do any of the cleaning up?
Whatever your reason for venturing out of the house, it’s only natural you’d want to dress up a bit. 
This Long Sleeve Fitted Dress from Goldie London is perfect for an afternoon in the pub with your friends and family. Just enough coverage with subtle detail for added interest. 
Long Sleeve Fitted Dress from Goldie London She Selected
Pair with patterned tights and a teddy coat for extra warmth and heeled boots for a bit of drama…’tis the season after all. 
Meeting the in-laws
It’s time. 
It’s finally time for an occasion with the in-laws.
But what do you wear?
Whether it’s your first time meeting them or you’re part of the family, it’s vital you’re comfortable. 
 Roll Neck Sweater from Charli Leia She Selected
This Roll Neck Sweater from Charli Leia is a classic for winter. It’s easy to dress up and down and most of all keeps you warm. For an after-Christmas dinner drink with your other half’s family, pair with leather trousers and hoop earrings to make a statement without feeling overdressed. Shop all Charli pieces here
All day party 
If partying into Boxing Day is your main aim, you want to find the right balance between party wear and being comfy (just in case you end up crashing on the couch). 
Motel Rocks always seem to get it right. They manage to create timeless pieces while staying up to date with the latest trends. We’re loving the Brandy Long Sleeve Top. You can wear it with everything from cargos to a mini skirt and it’s still guaranteed to make an impact - you could even pair it with flared leggings for ultimate comfort without compromising on style. 
Brandy Long Sleeve Top She Selected
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