What to wear to a beach club

Hold up. Swimwear just got serious.
If you’re all set to live your best life of cocktails and sunshine this summer, beach clubs are where it’s at. But as venues designed to see and be seen, what you wear isn’t as simple as donning any old bikini.
So, before you zip up the suitcase and declare yourself packed, check out our guide to beach club styling to guarantee your outfit turns up the heat this summer.

Simple swimsuit

Ok, so looking the part is important but there’s no need to make this more complicated than it needs to be.
If you’re a one-piece kinda gal, you’ll be glad to hear that even a basic swimsuit has got its sexy on for 2022. Think high legs, cut out sides, plunging necklines and fancy strap work – even belts are featuring. Meaning your swimsuit should be anything but boring.
Like to keep things covered? Beachwear classic - the sarong - still deserves space in a beach club wardrobe…provided you style it the right way.
The rules here are simple - big or small. There’s no middle ground. You either need just enough fabric to skim sexily over your bum area and tie in a slinky side knot or enough to be able to wrap things any which way.
Our fave is to twist into a halter neck dress. Scoop your hair up high and show off those tanned shoulders! Search for fabric with a touch of sparkle for all out glam.

Beach dress and bikini

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.
There’s no question that bikinis are a beach club staple. Ok, so you might not plan on doing much actual swimming but there’s tanning to be done and cocktails to sip and making sure you turn heads while doing so is a must.
One of the best ways to make an entrance is to pair your bikini with a beach dress. But not just any old cover-up…this is a beach club after all. Think sequins, sparkle, bold shades and daring cuts for beach club style that will get you poolside looking like an official sun goddess.
Plain rather than patterned bikinis work best for this, but don’t forget that it’s the swimwear that’s the real star of the show, so make sure your dress showcases what’s underneath.  
Maxi dresses are always in vogue. Summery and sexy, they’re great for beach club sundowners, but a mini also works - and means you can work on your leg tan!  

Oversized shirt

We love working a shirt for any occasion and nothing says beach club glam quite like a slinky bikini worn with strappy wedges and an oversized shirt.
This look works on all levels. It allows you to flash your bikini whilst keeping things a little more modest. It offers protection from the baking sun, and yet somehow is effortlessly chic - like you just fell out of bed looking this great.
It’s also super easy fashion to slip on and off, so you don’t need a poolside wrestle with your outfit.

Beach trousers

Trousers? At the beach?
Stick with us…
This is actually one of the hottest trends this summer for beach club wear.
Trousers teamed with your bikini top give a cheeky glimpse of the best of both worlds – and it’s the perfect outfit for perching on a bar stool. 
Lightweight and floaty, or ideally a mesh fabric to highlight your swimwear through, but really anything goes. Just remember they need to be soft and roomy – no one’s pulling on skinny jeans after applying sun cream!
If you don’t fancy covering up, switch the length for a pair of cute shorts instead.

Raise the stakes

You wouldn’t go out clubbing without your heels now, would you? So the same goes here, making wedges the pinnacle of a beach club outfit.
Team any of the above looks with sky-high wedges to really turn up the tempo of your styling. AND they’ll make your legs look great (yas queen!).
Sunshine, champagne and wobbling on wedges not a safe mix for you? Then, pimp up flat footwear by choosing sandals embellished with sparkle, gems or fancy rope work.
Shades on and you’re ready to hit the beach club. Ours is a margarita!
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