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Did you manage to read our Autumn/Winter Trend Predictions blog post back in May? We took a look at the biggest designers ruling the runway to give you a heads-up on how to stay on trend this year. 
But what’s actually made it off the runway and onto the racks?
Summer really did say goodbye this month, meaning it’s time to dust off the coats, scarves and statement boots (is anyone else secretly happy about that?)
With some old favourites and a few new styles, here are the top trends you need to shop this season! 
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Not so basic b*tch

The clean-girl aesthetic. Minimalist dressing. Whatever you want to call it…
Basics are here to stay this autumn, including the humble - but famous - tank top. 
Having a variety of simple tops in your wardrobe makes for the perfect layering pieces for every outfit. Use them as the star of the show or as the base for something more out-there. 

It’s waist cinching season

Corsets - and not the type you see in Bridgerton - are back in a big way. Built into shirts and dresses, corsets are the number one way to add structure to a look, and if you like to cinch in your waist, this is the trend for you. 
This silhouette is guaranteed to give even the simplest outfits a subtle edge and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. 
Wear with combats and chunky trainers for a modern night-out look, or over a plain t-shirt for some added drama to a more classic look.

Go bold or go home

Obviously, knitwear was going to make an appearance in this post at some point. 
But this year it’s all about going BOLD. 
Don’t shy away from bright and contrasting colours, or stand-out patterns and shapes. They create a youthful, zesty look that can be worn alongside the other trends mentioned in this post.
If colour isn’t your thing, opt for something basic like flared leggings or straight-leg jeans to dress down the trend and make it a bit more ‘you’. 
If you’re feeling braver and want to beat the bad weather blues, pair heavy knits with silky midi skirts for a unique combination of textures. 

Turn it up to the max-i 

While micro-mini skirts are still around, it’s time to increase the length. 
Maxi skirts are back for autumn/winter, as well as maxi coats and dresses. 
Though there are various fabrics to choose from, corduroy, silk and faux-fur features are the ultimate autumn trio. 
Not only do these longer styles keep your ankles away from the cold, they also elongate and create shape. An oversized tee compliments a silk maxi skirt perfectly, while a maxi trench coat can hide the fact you’re wearing last night’s outfit - your secret is safe with us.

Clueless Chic 

Plaid is back! But this year it’s less Avril Lavigne and more Cher from Clueless. 
This preppy trend is perfect for autumn/winter, as it’s all in the layering. 
Tartan mini skirts, cropped cardigans and structured shirts define the look that's being styled by celebs the world over, including Olivia Rodrigo on her recent solo tour!
Pair with ballet flats, kitten heels or a contrasting combat boot for the perfect transitional look.  

Timeless tailoring 

Experimenting with gendered tailoring is one of the key takeaways from this year’s catwalk shows. 
Combining strong elements of shoulder pads with daintier elements (like soft, fabric bags and mini-skirts), creates a look that guarantees a double take. 
But why stop there?Full-tailored suits are back, in a bright and bold way. 
Whether it’s light fabrics or structured suits, experimenting with more gender fluid looks creates major impact both separately and as a two-piece.

The more sheer the better 

With sheer fabrics, you can show some skin in a very FASH-UN way. It can be used to create movement with longer dresses and less structured skirts, or add depth to an outfit with skin-tight silhouettes. 
Start off with what you’re used to and add a sheer shirt over a simple jeans and tank combo. Or, go in full-force with a sheer mini dress over a triangle bra - this trend is making sure summer stays around for as long as possible. 

Leather looks

While this could be influenced by Kourtney & Travis bringing back the rock-chick aesthetic, autumn is the season for all things leather. 
From leather skirts with pleats to create movement, to structured leather dresses, this is the perfect material to stock up on as the weather changes. 
Not only will it keep you warm, it can also be used to chnage up your look - aim for sexy or groupie (or both) by using a mixture of textures to create your winter look. 

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